The Big Sky Literacy Summit

The Big Sky Literacy Summit

August 1, 2, & 3, 2024

Yellowstone Conference Center

Big Sky, Montana


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John C. Maxwell 

John C. Maxwell is a #1 New York Times bestselling author, speaker, coach and leader who
has sold more than 34 million books. He is the founder of Maxwell Leadership‚ÄĒa leadership
development organization that has trained tens of millions of leaders in every nation. Having
been recognized as the #1 leader in business and as the world’s most influential leadership
expert, Maxwell continues to influence individuals and organizations worldwide‚ÄĒfrom
Fortune 500 CEOs and national leaders to entrepreneurs and the leaders of tomorrow. For
more information, visit

Your whole world can change when you change who you listen to. Let your world be changed by opening your heart and mind to the wisdom of these mentors, leaders, and teachers as they ask you to evolve your thinking. Meet the Mentors, Leaders, and Teachers of 2024:

John C. Maxwell - Yaacov Petscher - Margaret Snowling - Hugh Catts - Ann Kaiser - Charles Hulme - Julie Washington - Tiffany Hogan - Nancy Hennessy - Tim Odegard - Elsa Cardenas-Hagan - Danielle 'Nell' Thompson - Mary Dahlgren - Terrie Noland - Antonio Fierro - Laura Stewart - Jan Wasowicz - Stephanie Stollar - Jeanne Schopf - Michelle Elia - Kelly Butler - Judi Dodson - Dawn Brookhart - Daryl Michel - Holly Lane - Amy Siracusano - Linda Farrell - Michael Hunter - Margaret Goldberg - Ryan Lee-James - Theresa Owens - Craig Buscher - Marisa Ramirez Stukey - Carrie Cole - Genevieve Thomas - Dawny Hill - Julia Salamone - Carolyn Turner - Aaron Bouie - Sue Grisko - Nickie Dubbs - Dorothy Jett - Soquel Snider -Kat Anderson - Ashlie Slunaker - Pattie Durgan - Anne Penn Cox - Courtney Painton - Amy Peterson - Megan Gierka - Nicole Ormandy

"Success is knowing your purpose in life, growing to reach your maximal potential, and sowing seeds that benefit others." - John C. Maxwell

The 2021, 2022, and 2023 Summits were the beginning of change for 1200 educators, literacy leaders, stakeholders, and research scientists in 48 states and three countries. These Summits collectively planted seeds of change that resulted in unprecedented results at the personal, child, school and district level for many who attended, including these voices from the field - Louisa Moats, Hugh Catts, Dawn Brookhart, Margie Gillis, Tanner Butterfield, T'Shaka Bailey, Christine Trcka, Julie Dinan, and Theresa Owens . Let their wisdom remind you of the power of knowledge when it empowers change and come join us for the 2024 Summit experience.


Get your seat at the 2024 Summit and transform your life, teaching and leading!

We can't wait to welcome you home!

Hosts of The Big Sky Literacy Summit 2024

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The Mentors, Leaders & Teachers of the Sciences of Reading, Teaching, and Leading

The Summit is addressing the Science of Reading (SoR), leading, and teaching through the perspectives of four groups of teachers: mentors and sages who have shaped the field and the work we do; the scientists who are doing the research to understand more; the translators and leaders of SoR; and practitioners and leaders applying their knowledge of SoR through literacy leadership or classroom application. Learn more about the teachers you will be learning from by reading about who they are and what they believe.

Summit Speakers

The Summit Schedule & Sessions (Coming soon!)

Planning for The Summit is nearing completion and we are grateful you are joining this remarkable experience.  All the sessions are being curated and planned for the collective effect of the Literacy Grand Rounds with the Mentors, Leaders, and Teachers.  A final session schedule will be posted in July via the link below.

Summit General Schedule (Watch the video to learn about what happened last year!)

Hotel and Location

Because The Summit has a world-class lineup of speakers, we thought you should enjoy it in an epic location, the Yellowstone Conference Center at Big Sky Resort, Montana. Please get your on-site discounted rooms at the below link, or look at other room options.  Also, learn more about the adventures that await you at Big Sky by clicking on the Big Sky Logo.

Hotel Options

The Summit Parking & Transportation

The Summit will be held in Big Sky, Montana. Planning where you are staying and how you are getting there is important! PLEASE PLAN your transfers from the airport by linking below.  The daily events are at the Yellowstone Conference Center in Big Sky Mountain Village. The Center is attached to the Shoshone Condominium Hotel and Huntley Lodge and is close to the Village Center, Summit Hotel, or The Lodge at Big Sky.  Big Sky Meadow Village is the next closest option, but will require a 10 min drive.

Transportation Options

Join the Mentors as they lead Literacy Grand Rounds

This year's three day event is curated to inspire deep learning and transformational thinking. Literacy Grand Rounds will take place on Aug. 2 & 3 and they will take us deep into five topic area through a mentorship teaching, transformation table time, and breakout sessions addressing each topic area separately.

Learn more about The Summit

Loving and Leading Large in Literacy

Get ready for a transformational Literacy Leadership and Science of Reading event for teachers and leaders addressing timely and important topics that will help you rise to the challenge of being a literacy leader, meet your students’ academic needs, build more equitable systems, and learn how to intensify and target instruction, especially for those with differences and disabilities.

The Summit is hosted by The Transformative Reading Teacher Group and The Reading League Montana and together we are excited to present an impressive international line-up of scientific mentors, innovators, teachers, coaches, and literacy leaders addressing how to make systems and instructional changes that impact your life and the lives of the students you teach.  

This year, the structure of the Summit will challenge you to become more and do more through consistent and coherent messaging by focused grand round topics led by the mentors.

August 1, 2, & 3 - The general program is as follows:

August 1 - Transformation Day - This is a new and exciting experience.  One of the greatest of all time leadership teachers and mentors, John C. Maxwell, will be teaching for up to four hours on this day.  This will be a day like non other and if you can make it, MAKE IT!! WE have virtual options and in person options.

August 2  - Literacy Grand Rounds Day 1 - Breakfast starts at 6:15am, sessions from 7:45 - 12:00 and 1:00 - 5:45, lunch at 12-1:00, snacks at 2:30-3:30 with plenty of opportunity to meet with many SOR Partners ready to support your classroom needs.

August 3 - Literacy Grand Rounds Day 2 - Breakfast starts at 6:15am, sessions from 7:45 - 11:30, lunch at 11:30-12:30, 12:30 - closing mentor session, final drawing (must be present to win) and end of day by 2pm.

Once registered, you'll receive more information around the second week of July.  This will include conference session descriptions.

If you haven't said "yes" yet, it's time to up-level your learning and join us at the 2024 Big Sky Literacy Summit where we honor the work of the great leaders, mentors and teachers who know the way and will show the way to a brighter and more loving future.





"I wanted to write to say thank you. I was thinking about how much you've impacted me and my instruction since I came to the first Structured Literacy Summer Institute. I remember feeling like I knew my instruction and our systems at Hawthorne needed improvement but, I also felt so overwhelmed and like I didn't know where to begin. Your teaching, articles, book clubs, and events like the Summit have been so powerful. I loved leaving on Saturday feeling like I knew some things that were going great in my classroom, some simple things to make my instruction better on Monday, and some big thoughts on long-term instructional goals. Thanks for all you do to make us better!"

Katy W. Kindergarten, NBCT